Brownsville Government

The City of Brownsville lies on the border with its sister town from Mexico, Matamoros. Brownsville is the southernmost part of Texas and is rich in historical legacy. With beaches only 20 minutes away and its own airport, it is a nice perfect place to visit. Its local culture is a unique blend of traditional mexican and american customs.

Charlie Cabler
City Manager
Charlie has served the City of Brownsville for more than twety-nine years. He first served in the Police Department before becoming Assistant City Manager in 2002, and then served as Acting City Manager before being hired as City Manager on September 1, 2004.

Welcome to the Department of the City Secretary . It is our hope that you may easily find any and all information available to the public through the use of our web site. Please feel free to browse through our content or to contact us if you require further assistance. Feel free to look around.
The Department of the City Secretary has specific duties in its fulfillment of city needs. It is responsible for:

  • Coordinating City Commission meetings (see Commission Meetings )
    • Electronic agenda preparation and posting
    • Preparation and maintenance of agendas / minutes
    • Maintain official City records
    • Respond to Public Information Requests (see Public Information )
  • Maintain City Boards & Commission records (see Boards & Commissions )
  • City Code of Ordinances (see Code of Ordinances )
  • Serve as Local Registrar (see Vital Statistics ) for the City of Brownsville by filing and providing:
    • Issue Birth and Death Records
    • Grant Burial Transit Permits
    • Issue City Cemetery Burial Permits
    • Acknowledgement of Paternity
  • Collect fees and issue permits for (see Permits and Licenses ):
    • Beer and wine permits
    • Collect Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax
  • Administer the City Records Management Program
  • Provide public information to the citizens of Brownsville

The Office of the City Secretary collects the Hotel / Motel Occupancy Tax and issues Beer & Wine Permits.

Businesses are required to apply with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) for issuance of state permit. The completed application should be submitted to:
City of Brownsville Planning and Zoning Department Attn: Noe Puga, Zoning Administrator 1150 E. Adams St., Brownsville, TX 78520
Or you may contact the Planning department at 956/548-6150, if you require further assistance.

Upon completion of all the requirements, the City Secretary's Office will collect the appropriate fees and issue the City's Beer and Wine Permit.

  1. There is hereby levied a $50.00 fee for the privilege of owning or operating a Hotel (as that term is defined in Section 156.001 of the Texas Tax Code) within the City of Brownsville said fee being hereafter called a "Hotel Operation Fee." The initial Hotel Operation Fee must be paid to the City Secretary by each owner and each operator of a Hotel no later than July 1, 2010. Subsequent Hotel Operation Fees are due within 10 days of a change in the owner or operator of a Hotel.
  2. Upon payment of the Hotel Operation Fee, a permit will be issued to the person or entity making the payment which permit must be prominently displayed in the lobby of the Hotel. The permit expires 10 days after a change in the owner or operator of a Hotel.
  3. It shall be unlawful to operate a Hotel unless a valid unexpired permit for payment of the Hotel Operation Fee is displayed for both the owner or operator of a Hotel.
  4. Operating a Hotel without a valid unexpired permit for payment of all required Hotel Operation Fees is class "C" misdemeanor for each day that the Hotel so operates, punishable as set forth in Section 1-13 of the Brownsville City Code.

All births and deaths occuring within the city limits of Brownsville are registered at the City Secretary / Local Registrar and originals are recorded with the Texas Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics in Austin, Texas.

Certificates that were filed after one year of birth / death are considered "delayed" records and can only be obtained at:

Bureau of Vital Statistics
Texas Department of Health
P.O. Box 12040
Austin, Texas 78711-2040
Phone: (888) 963-7111
Cameron County Clerk
964 E. Harrison St - 2nd Floor
Brownsville, Texas 78520
Phone: 956/544-0817

The City Secretary's Office has access to the Austin, Texas on-line information and has the authority to issue an abstract or wallet size birth certificate of any person born in Texas with the exception of delayed records or those flagged by the State office.

A qualified applicant is the person named on the certificate; a member of his or her family, either by blood or marriage, his or her legal guardian, legal representative:
        • Parents (Padre / Madre)
        • Grandparents (Abuelos)
        • Brother / Sister (Hernano/a)
        • Son / Daughter (Hijo/a)
        • Spouse (Esposo/a) (see below)
        • Legal Guardian (with legal documents)

        Mission Statement: To provide our customers efficient and quality municipal services with courtesy and concern

        Brownsville's semi-tropical climate is recognized as one of the most delightful in the nation. The city has an average temperature of 74 degrees and an average rainfall of 25.55 inches. Average relative humidity is 75.25%. The comfortable year-round climate provides for an abundance of recreational fun and activities. Residents regularly visit Matamoros and South Padre Island as both places are only minutes away.

        Brownsville's population is quickly approaching 200,000 and growing. Our sister city of Matamoros has a population is excess of 750,000. As the seat of Cameron County, we are a city rich in history and one of the fastest growing areas in the United States.

        The Brownsville Police Department is committed to providing proactive, professional and effective public safety and community service, employing integrity and fairness through community partnerships for the enhancement of the quality of life in the City of Brownsville.


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