University of Texas at Brownsville

The University of Texas at Brownsville draws upon the intersection of cultures and languages at the southern border and Gulf Coast of the United States to develop knowledgeable citizens and emerging leaders who are engaged in the civic life of their community. It embraces teaching excellence, active inquiry, lifelong learning, rigorous scholarship, and research in service to the common good. The University promotes the interdisciplinary search for new knowledge that advances social and physical well-being and economic development through commercialization, while honoring the creative and environmental heritage of its region.

The Texas Southmost College (TSC) was established in 1926. Initially operating as the Junior College of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, it was the first institution of higher education in the region and became the first accredited public junior college in Texas. In 1948, the institution moved to Fort Brown, a decommissioned Army installation adjacent to the downtown business district, one block from the Rio Grande.

In 1973, Pan American University in Edinburg, Texas, agreed to incorporate an extension center on the TSC campus to provide upper-level and graduate coursework for students in the Brownsville area. However, the number of majors and services provided through this arrangement was limited and did not meet the increasing demands of the growing community.

By 1991, the upper-level center was serving approximately 1,500 students and had a full-time faculty of 33 professors. It was time to expand. The Texas Legislature recognized that in order to meet the growing demand for university level opportunities in the Brownsville area, a new and autonomous entity had to be created. The branch campus separated from The University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) and The University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) was born. Shortly after UTB's establishment, the Legislature permitted UTB and TSC to merge, creating a four-year institution offering a full range of certificates and degrees.

In the last 20 years, the university has grown, expanding the Fort Brown Campus to more than 460 acres, employing more than 400 full-time faculty members and now serving about 15,000 students. The university offers more than 96 undergraduate programs and 23 graduate programs, including a doctorate of education in curriculum and instruction. Even as the university is attracting talented faculty and students to Brownsville, its offerings are reaching beyond the original campus to the Internet and off-campus teaching sites throughout the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

By a majority vote in March 2011, the Texas Southmost College District Board of Trustees officially decided to withdraw Texas Southmost College from the 20-year UTB-TSC Partnership. The University of Texas at Brownsville began planning for the transition to separate and independent entities. The TSC Board of Trustees engaged the services of consultants to help them plan for their community college. The process for terminating the partnership was begun and scheduled to be completed no later than the end of August 2015.

This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the University of Texas at Brownsville. For its first two decades, The University of Texas at Brownsville partnered with Texas Southmost College in an innovative higher education model that provided students with a seamless transition from certificate programs through doctoral and professional education. The UTB/TSC Partnership invented new processes for articulation between degree programs, made efficient use of scarce resources by reducing redundancy in administrative structures, developed a campus with state-of-the art classrooms and laboratories while respecting its historical heritage and unique needs of the community.

We are now poised to move forward to the next phase of our evolution as an autonomous university with a focus on developing knowledgeable citizens and emerging leaders who are engaged in the civic life of their communities. Our new mission embraces teaching excellence, active inquire, lifelong learning, rigorous scholarship and research in service to the common good.

The new UTB will be made resilient by its history, strengthened by the support of The University of Texas System and inspired by the hopes and spirit of the people it serves.

Staff members within the division see themselves as educators, committed to the concept that the students are the most important of our priorities. We focus our programs and services on the success of our students. Our vision, mission, core values and goals reflect this view of our work.

Scorpion Online: Log on and gain unlimited access to your records, register early or change your class schedule, see your financial aid status, make a payment and more from the comfort of your home or from any of the UTB/TSC Go Center Info Shops.

Financial Matters: Manage your financial aid application, receive loan counseling, apply for grants, work study and other types of aid or get a detailed breakdown of tuition and fees.

Calendars: Never miss a deadline and stay up to date with the UTB/TSC Academic Calendar and Upcoming Events.

Advising and Academic Plans: Find the guidance you need to complete your degree plan, design your class schedule, decide on a particular program or simply get clarity when you need it most with the help of one of our academic advisors

The purpose of the Office of Student Financial Aid is to provide students and their parents information regarding federal, state, institutional and other sources of financial aid. The Office of Student Financial Assistance serves as the administrator for these varied funds, which involves personnel in diverse activities such as consumer awareness and application services, program awarding, certification and eligibility monitoring, fund requests, reconciliation and reporting, and continuing with post-attendance services dealing with default prevention and management.

Ultimately, the Office of Student Financial Assistance provides aid to eligible students who, without such aid, would be unable to attend college. The awarding and delivery of such funds are managed in a fair and equitable manner.

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    • UTB School Code: 030646
    • Schools in the University of Texas System, as well as other institutions across the state, are currently in a dilemma as we approach the timeframe for developing students' financial aid awards for the upcoming 2011-12 school year. We understand that you and your families need to know what grant, loan and scholarship resources will be available to you as you make your plans for next year. Typically, we are able to tell you midway through the spring semester what your financial aid award will be with some degree of certainty and specificity. This year, however, it will be more challenging to give you accurate information any time soon about your financial aid award.

      We are in the midst of significant changes both at the federal and state levels as legislative bodies respond to calls for significant cuts in programs at all levels of government. As a result, decisions have not been made about funding levels for several financial aid programs, most significantly Pell grants, TEXAS grants, and B-on-time loans, among others. Without decisions about funding for these programs, financial aid awards at this time can only be estimates. The final aid package may be more or less depending on decisions made by Congress and the Texas Legislature. Since we do not know what funding will be available until sometime in the future, we are significantly challenged in developing a financial aid award you can rely on completely.

      We are working very hard to get resolution about these important financial aid programs. Please know that we will make you aware of decisions as they are made and that we will provide you accurate, up-to-date information as it is available. We are committed to your success as a student and will do everything we can to provide you resources to continue your enrollment.


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